After 7 Years

After 7 years I am back at livejournal again. What brought me back? Tackey&Tsubasa's final stage. Watching their final stage made me realise how much time pass by. I first watch their mv on Animax. It was Ho Summer and I did not even know who they were just that I love that song and it was easy to dance to. Their final stage made me realise that that closes another part of my youth. The first was SMAP. I guess time does need to move on. I do miss the old songs sometimes. The easy bubble gum pop. To much synth and EDM for me with the current music.Stepping into another life zone for me now. Thank you Tackey&Tsubasa for that few years of awesome memories. (Youtube I do not like you cause I can't find anymore of their full songs MV).

Budak Kampung's journey Part 1

Once upon a time there was a budak kampung who never really went to the big city for fun before with just her friends (the only time was to do an educational trip with her friends). One day she heard that there was a concert that will be held in the big city so she got all excited and decided to save up for the trip. Save already she bought the ticket and decided to go with to very nice senpais(twins by the way) who was willing to not only take her along but also to let her stay overnight. The usually cool face budak kampungwas so excited but still decided to keep a cool face. on that eventful day she took a trip up to the big city with one of the senpai... first stop the senpai's house.. The moment they enter Subang Jaya area she was so surprised.WOAAA Subang Jaya SOOOOO BIG (this girl memang budak kampung mah)Also during that time she for the first time see Subang airport WAAAHHHH. Anyway fast forward and she was at the concert area of Stadium Bukit Jalil

wah so many people waiting outside.

The funny thing is she saw a family going for the concert were the mother is wearing the fanclub colour of the boyband while the young daughter wear something casual. The father pula tagging along only. This budak kampung also saw quite a number of boys either tagging along their girlfriend or are actual fanboys themselves. Anyway this budak kampung came here to see this group of people.

waaahhh sj. but more importantly to hear this guy sing and see if he really is good at live concerts.

presenting evilmaknae buahahahaha

Anyway as the budak kampung step into the concert hall she was very surprrise at the scale of the event

she saw many of these

and this

Soon the lights dim (budak kampng is gonna skip the intro of two mcs) and the video flash introducing the members
and suddenly this guy come hanging on the wire

wah superman!!!!
and then they come out

and then they start singing with sorry sorry remix with dance waaaaahhhh.

sorry lah budak kampung's camera not tht good in the dark she also not tht good in taking pictures. But she definately enjoy herself seeing all the pyro works

to be continue......

1 sem in retrorespect

after one sem this is what happen during that one sem.In no particular order
1) I met with a lecturer who curse the students
2) Held an event which we do not have much control over

3) Did a project to create a side table ( I not creative though Thank God for creative member)
4) Did a business which was a service business instead of a normal business ( it actually rock for all the problem it crop up wit haha)
5)Slept alone due to roommate doing internship (hehe and made a mess out of the room)
6) Obtain a new phone due to the old phone spoil.
7) Sat for exam
8) A member of my favourite group left the group ( dang u Jin)
9) Met with beautiful cars ( hello sport carss)

Thank you

This is a short entry before i go to other stories. My heartfelt gratitude towards the graduating seniors.

Thank you for making me feel confident in myself. Thank you for turning me into a lady. Thank you for keeping that one part of me boyish and layaning that part. Thank you for teaching me how to trust in God. Thank you for making me laugh when u tease someone. Thank you for driving me to the doctor when i was sick and you were most probably busy. Thank you for telling me that there is a gym in uni and for challengging me to go gym every week.Thank you for the Godly advice when i needed 1 and thank you for the teddy bear hugs when i needed one but could not give the reason why. Thank you for the knowledge you have shared with me and the logical thinking. Thank you for your words of encouragement when at that point of time the rest of my friends where against my decision.That word sustain me through the week. Thank you for being there in that part of my life in that part of university life. There are many more which i could not write but just thank you from the bottom of my heart and all the best for your trip, relationship and work.

Thank you, terima kasih, arigataou gozaimasu, kamsa hamida, xie xie

i'm not so sure what happen

ok for some reason i can't find my old post . Does that mean its gone bohooooo good thing some of the pics are still in my com . Due to long time no update something happen and everything missing? I will investigate it soon Stay tune.

delayed act post

haha it was delayed sorry.
ACT3 was back last December. This time i wasn't acting but doing the lights with 3 other people. New experience but just as nerve wrecking as anything. Thank God that we were able to get room booking and also the mainhall for practices. He gave us good weather on that day and many turn up also. He also gave us grace to work with each other and resources almost when it was imposible to find those stuff.All we pray now is that the musical that we present will be a blessing and also be able to reach out to others.

the equipment that i handled that night wah so many buttons

the 3 lighting crew 1 of them went back already :( so missing one of them in the pic

the cast and crew of ACT3 (no director don't kill us!!!!!!!)

advertisement for ACT3

the warm up
surprise of the night
1) an old friend from cyber came down for the first time to watch ACT3
2) people were standing the whole 2 hours to watch the musical. TGBTG yeah
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Merry Christmas

Everyone merry christmas hahaha..... It's been awhile since i celebrate christmas in my own church. Met some old and new friends.well to lambast ppl with pics here goes

trip to KLPAC for my theater assignment

The actors of the hard to swallow "bilik Ahmad Berdaki"

The ticket

The Place
and a little sneak peak on ACT pics

The cast

the lighting crew(except for one he went back early :( )
will tell more later buahaha Just wanna wish everyone Merry Christmas ppl.

in Short

haha due to short sem and many events i have not really been writing stuff. And also due to exam now i can only write really fast what happen. first we had ACT musical in campus for christmas. Then for one of my classes we had short stage play for my assignment (65% by the way). Then last all the assignment and exams. arrgghhh. short sem is really short. pic will come later.
By the way the new jusco in melaka got explosion and 2 of the lecturers room got burn.Hmnnn alot of burning in 1 month.

long awaited entry(part 1)

haha due to several reasons i didn't update this place. First i fell sick with fever then there was the camp lastly there was the exam and assigment. Thankfully all is behind and yeah i'm on holiday.
So the melaka camp late and slow update.Well it was a rush one because it was held over the weekend instead of the usual sem breakbut it was fun.Held in Broga at the borders of N. Sembilan and Selangor it's loke and outback campsite except its not really one. The committees consisting of mostly newbies 1 beta guy and the other half newbie(He came in the january intake) Of course the advisor is an old guy to keep an eye on them.(thts you Joshua).We didn't had preaching this time in the camp, it was more like a workshop and the games had a lot of meaning. Due to the fact i'm not good with words here are some pictures

first day gather araound!

Cat and mouse game(wait the mouse became a rabbit????)

I'm hungry!!!!!

Games time listen carefully ok

scrub the hair for the bubbles

seniors who doing their internship and graduated came back to see us

flying fox the end there
Due to space and time limit i will not upload other pics for now haha
After that was assigment and exam time ughh tiring will continue next time ciao.