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long awaited entry(part 1)

haha due to several reasons i didn't update this place. First i fell sick with fever then there was the camp lastly there was the exam and assigment. Thankfully all is behind and yeah i'm on holiday.
So the melaka camp late and slow update.Well it was a rush one because it was held over the weekend instead of the usual sem breakbut it was fun.Held in Broga at the borders of N. Sembilan and Selangor it's loke and outback campsite except its not really one. The committees consisting of mostly newbies 1 beta guy and the other half newbie(He came in the january intake) Of course the advisor is an old guy to keep an eye on them.(thts you Joshua).We didn't had preaching this time in the camp, it was more like a workshop and the games had a lot of meaning. Due to the fact i'm not good with words here are some pictures

first day gather araound!

Cat and mouse game(wait the mouse became a rabbit????)

I'm hungry!!!!!

Games time listen carefully ok

scrub the hair for the bubbles

seniors who doing their internship and graduated came back to see us

flying fox the end there
Due to space and time limit i will not upload other pics for now haha
After that was assigment and exam time ughh tiring will continue next time ciao.
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