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delayed act post

haha it was delayed sorry.
ACT3 was back last December. This time i wasn't acting but doing the lights with 3 other people. New experience but just as nerve wrecking as anything. Thank God that we were able to get room booking and also the mainhall for practices. He gave us good weather on that day and many turn up also. He also gave us grace to work with each other and resources almost when it was imposible to find those stuff.All we pray now is that the musical that we present will be a blessing and also be able to reach out to others.

the equipment that i handled that night wah so many buttons

the 3 lighting crew 1 of them went back already :( so missing one of them in the pic

the cast and crew of ACT3 (no director don't kill us!!!!!!!)

advertisement for ACT3

the warm up
surprise of the night
1) an old friend from cyber came down for the first time to watch ACT3
2) people were standing the whole 2 hours to watch the musical. TGBTG yeah
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