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Budak Kampung's journey Part 1

Once upon a time there was a budak kampung who never really went to the big city for fun before with just her friends (the only time was to do an educational trip with her friends). One day she heard that there was a concert that will be held in the big city so she got all excited and decided to save up for the trip. Save already she bought the ticket and decided to go with to very nice senpais(twins by the way) who was willing to not only take her along but also to let her stay overnight. The usually cool face budak kampungwas so excited but still decided to keep a cool face. on that eventful day she took a trip up to the big city with one of the senpai... first stop the senpai's house.. The moment they enter Subang Jaya area she was so surprised.WOAAA Subang Jaya SOOOOO BIG (this girl memang budak kampung mah)Also during that time she for the first time see Subang airport WAAAHHHH. Anyway fast forward and she was at the concert area of Stadium Bukit Jalil

wah so many people waiting outside.

The funny thing is she saw a family going for the concert were the mother is wearing the fanclub colour of the boyband while the young daughter wear something casual. The father pula tagging along only. This budak kampung also saw quite a number of boys either tagging along their girlfriend or are actual fanboys themselves. Anyway this budak kampung came here to see this group of people.

waaahhh sj. but more importantly to hear this guy sing and see if he really is good at live concerts.

presenting evilmaknae buahahahaha

Anyway as the budak kampung step into the concert hall she was very surprrise at the scale of the event

she saw many of these

and this

Soon the lights dim (budak kampng is gonna skip the intro of two mcs) and the video flash introducing the members
and suddenly this guy come hanging on the wire

wah superman!!!!
and then they come out

and then they start singing with sorry sorry remix with dance waaaaahhhh.

sorry lah budak kampung's camera not tht good in the dark she also not tht good in taking pictures. But she definately enjoy herself seeing all the pyro works

to be continue......
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