nightscape16 (nightscape16) wrote,

After 7 Years

After 7 years I am back at livejournal again. What brought me back? Tackey&Tsubasa's final stage. Watching their final stage made me realise how much time pass by. I first watch their mv on Animax. It was Ho Summer and I did not even know who they were just that I love that song and it was easy to dance to. Their final stage made me realise that that closes another part of my youth. The first was SMAP. I guess time does need to move on. I do miss the old songs sometimes. The easy bubble gum pop. To much synth and EDM for me with the current music.Stepping into another life zone for me now. Thank you Tackey&Tsubasa for that few years of awesome memories. (Youtube I do not like you cause I can't find anymore of their full songs MV).

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