Now i don usually mind remakes as there are some good ones.(MAOU from the Korean MAWANG). However there are some remakes that are no no
1) American remaking ASEAN's shows that has power and fighting (dragonball is a good one)
The next one is i recently heard a local remaking one of my favourite song into chinese. I admit that some are nice like Kiroro Mirai but i became angry with this one. Maybe i'm bias but it definitely lacks a certain person sound. The song would be from Arashi We Can Make It. I'm sorry but that girl didn't do justice to it.
1) it's an upbeat song but they slowed the tempo down.
2) It's a girl singing a guy group song there gotta be different lastly
3) No Ohno Satoshi voice.Now Ohno Satoshi has good voice and good control of his voice.

But not sure if it's coincidence or what but the original song was sang for an ost for a show about food and cooking. The new version too was for a food and cooking show except Malaysian version.

I'm on holiday now. 1 week only.The close call was that i had fever and dry cough before 3 MIDTERM PAPERS! The fever refuse to go down and i had to study. Thank God I got well before the first paper. Now it's holiday and i'm using it to recover from the renmant of cough and also to put back the weight i lost.ARRRGGHHH took so long to finally add 2 kg and i lost it within 3 days of fever.Oh WEll.Anyway thats it for me a short post.

random pic from the tour of melaka
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As the above due to the fact that i have no idea what title i should put thus that came up. So what happen between updates?Tones of assigment came crashing down and a little trip called Melaka Tour was held. Before that a certain group of girls held a gathering for a sort of closing ceremony of a certain church club and below is a smaller group of that said group

the cousins(with 2 missing due to personal reasons)
next melaka tour

breakfast first

Games at hutan rekreasi(first wan wrap the egg with give stuff then throw it down so it doesn't break)

see my group's one didn't break

ok we went to jonker street to eat and since i was to busy to eat i didn't take pics Also didn't take the pic in the museum to busy making sure my group members don go missing.Anyway here's a pic of and antique fire truck?

I'm sorry I know I should not complain because the organizers (bless them) has even thougher time and was sending us up to the taming sari for the newbies to see the whole melaka but to wait for 2 hours was ridiculous and by that time i was very hungry. It was close to 7 pm when the first batch when up.
but all in all it was quite good . buahaha. sorry. till next time


Buahaha recently celebrated my 20th birthday.As a friend of mine said online "bye bye 1X club hello 2X club" sighh..... but still it's quite nice a quiet want. The only grouch i have is that my birthday ALWAYS fall on the opening week of new semester of NEW ACADEMIC YEAR. SOB SOB. So what did i get this year.......

from Otousan

chocolato..... chocolato...... chocolato hoshini

from Okaasan

A bit late but thank you

from onisan

NOT CHEAP abit hesitating to use it :P

from tomodachi

last but not least a gift for myself

a change of hair colour for first time :D


haha I'm on holiday and yes I'm guilty of not writing anything for a loooonnngggg time. Anyway big news i cut my hair and highlighted it. Sorry no pictures of it its a surprise. but due to me being MIA i will upload some random pictures i took during my MIA
first up

random friends pic

picnic at dataran phalawan

the back of 2 close friends in Mcd

bye bye senpais who are graduating we will miss you. Have a good trip

My house has finally been fixed up this house where i was born and grew up had many spot leaking and falling apart has finally been repaired and the unpacking and cleaning have been left to yours truelly. Man i was wiped out after it all but thats nice going through all the old junk it bring backs memory. Again due to limit time did not take picture of the house.So thus my final week is here and i have to prepare to go back to uni sighhh........

generational curse?

recently i watched a japanese show called "change" ( yes yes its by takuya kimura thats why). Anyway it talks about this guy having to run for the PM of Japan b'coz his dad passed away. And also b'coz of his dad he got into trouble.I always wonder are has everyone actually been through that kinda situation before. (no i don mean running for PM). I mean maybe we got into a thight spot b'coz of what our fore fathers used to do. I've actually heard before they always use the "my dad did it so I should do it" even though the things that they do is wrong.Its as if they can't break from that bond. hhmmmmmmnnn i dunno maybe its just me thinking like that hahaha. anyway heres another random pic

this thing is made out of cloths

not a good day

today is sooo not a good day and it's only Monday.for some reason live journal did not post up my full entry. Myinternet connection is extremely horrible.Assigment due date is here and my group mates have not hand in their parts.last night is the attack of the insomnia and now i'm exhausted eventhough its only 4.30 pm...........sigh on a lighter note did you know Malaysia's fastest internet connection speed is Japan's slowest? WOW hows that for trivia.........sorry again my mine is not in good shape and i need to complain somewhere again on a lighter note heres a pic i caught by chance and no photoshop

hello hello

hahaha I'm actually new here and this is my first time writting something. Its pretty cool but since i'm the really not sure what to write about its gonna be really slow. Anyway yoroshiku.  
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